Social Media..”the 15 mins of minutes of fame promised to us by Andy Warhol”.

“i felt like going to AA to do a 12 step program for social media addiction “…

So i quit.. cold turkey, deactivated my accounts deleted what i could and shut it all down..the problems i could see developing in me (because i do have a addictive behavior) , is.. i felt like i was getting instant gratification from looking at images of the style of photos that i would normally take..It kind of sucked the creativity out of me..Not to mention the whole voyerist thing that we all do ,looking at other peoples photos and life ,but no one seems to be real they are jut putting up pics and lifestyle pics that don’t really reflect there actual life…

Its sad to say but social media was realy the only place i was to day i am a social recluse .ive tried to simplify as much as possible so the interruptions of this virtual world dosent affect my artistic process, i used to think my artistic process was bullet proof but now i realize its about as strong as wet toilet paper and i am effected by anything and everything .

I have also shut off my cable Tv, i have not watched the news in 2 months, if you watch the news it feels like the world is coming to a end, some sort of isis apocalypse or what ever is on its way, well fuck it, I’ve had enough.i refuse to feel like a ant in the matrix..I say less is more, “simplify” , take out all of the things from your life that you do not need and keep what is important.


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