Stable studio Nassau Bahamas

My last Studio in Nassau Bahamas "Stable studio" was a converted horse stable the jockies used to live upstairs and the horse stable down stairs,it was difficult getting used to working where i live but also good that I could be creative 24/7 and when I had my kids they could make what ever they [...]


Lemons into Lemonade

60"x84" oil on canvas untitled by Arjuna Watson 2000somthing maybe 20010   I was asked to contribute to a group show for NE7 NAGB based on a Apocalypse , this was one of the paintings I painted for it and didnt destroy after I was censored and not aloud to show my version of my [...]

My Cairn.

I built this Cairn on what was called saddle back Cay but now known as Little Normans Cay.   I worked on a boat as first mate then Captain that went to this island everyday ,every day i would put a new rock on the cairn and also told the tourists that we brought to the [...]